23°F (-5°C) CNY Edition Thin Insulated Unisex Jacket

This limited-edition Chinese New Yeainsulated unisex jacket is a new experience in warmth-to-weight ratio. Thin and lightweight, our material provides thermal comfort in a 23°F (-5°C) environment.
我们的限量款中国农历新年超薄款男女通用棉服夹克提供了保暖、轻量化的新体验。我们的材料纤巧轻薄,可在23°F (-5°C)的环境中提供保暖舒适感。

Product Features 产品特征
  • Low-emissivity lining to maximize body heat retention 
  • Low-emissivity 衬里最大程度上保持身体热量
  • Thinnest insulated jackets with comfort in -5°C environment
  • 最薄的棉服外套,可以帮人体在-5°C的环境中保持舒适
  • Wind resistant 防风
  • Rain resistant 防雨
  • UPF 50+
  • Zippered hand pocket 拉链口袋
  • Elastic curved cuff 弹性弯曲袖口
  • OX embroidery near the right cuff in celebration of the year of OX 2021
  • 右袖口附近有牛头刺绣 - 庆祝中国农历2021牛年

    Details 产品细节

    • Fabric: Shell 100% Polyester; Insulation 100% Polyester; Lining 100% Polyolefin (face)/100% Polyester (back)
    • 面料:外壳100%聚酯纤维; 夹棉层100%聚酯纤维; 衬里100%聚烯烃(正面)/ 100%聚酯纤维(背面)
    • Machine wash cold with zipper closed. Line dry or tumble dry low
    • 冷水机洗,拉上拉链。悬挂晾干或者低温烘干。
    • Microcreases and soft hand will occur on lining after wash
    • 机洗后里料会变柔软并且形成细纹。
    • Size specifications are based on Asian size.  亚洲尺寸
    • Male model: height - 6', weight - 173 lbs. Wearing size - M (Men).
      Female model: height - 5’9”, weight - 127 lbs. Wearing size - S (Men)/M (Women).

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